Musicians onboard Cruise Ships

Are you one of the Musicians who wants to experience to work in a cruise ship?

Have you research about the experience working as a musician on board?

If not yet, let me walk you through the enchanting experience of sailing the world as an Entertainer or more like being a musician.

The varied forms of entertainment provided should be your first point of knowledge if you’re interested in working as a musician aboard a cruise ship. Although each cruise line has its own onboard entertainment, these jobs are typically relatively similar across industries. 

Showband and Orchestra is the most featured musicians on the cruise lines. 
The most popular musical instruments are the bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, violion, saxophone, trombone, piano/keyboard. To obtain this kind of musical position, you have must a strong set of sight reading skills. But as experienced meeting different musicians, sight reading skills is somehow easy for them to learn for and understand.

Quite interesting, right?

Being a musician on a ship, you will perform daily carrying your full confidence in facing the whole crowd with little to no time of preparation. And related to this, before hiring you as a musician we conduct a thorough screening so both of us are in ease that every performance could be smooth to perfect.

On hiring a musician, we conduct screening by watching the video you sent during your application, to know more your capacity on playing your own music, we ask for an impromptu performance without any single instruciton to gauge your capacity if you will be able to stand in a huge crowd bringing your skills and passion as Musician.

If you can’t do a sight reading, you can still be considered or be hired as Entertainer. You can perform to the ship as a Piano Bar Entertainer, or a Cocktail Pianist,  a Guitarist, Duo, Trio, Quarter or even as Party Band. 

You don’t need to worry. As long as you can perform, make the crowd lively, can connect directly to the guests, and most important thing is that as long as you make them entertained, that would be the time that you did your job well as a Musician.

Now, what are thing you need to provide to be a Musician onboard?

Number 1, is the promo video. This is the heart of your application, to give you a tip, this must be a catchy song, upbeat mood or vibe, and good fit for you. Number 2, is the songlist, it should be a wide repertoire list in differenet style. Then ofcourse, Number 3,  your CV or your team’s profile, this will be the reference of your experience as a Musician.

To summarize this content, if you want to be a Musician in cruise ship you must be a really passionate kind of artist. Dreaming to have this job is not as simply as what you think. It’s a mixture of experience, passion and dedication.

Do you have what it takes? Then show us what you’ve got!

Let us make this world more entertaining….through your Music.

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