The daily life of a musician on a cruise ship

Have you ever wondered how to live on a cruise ship as a musician?

Have you imagined how to play your music in the middle of the sea?

Sounds exciting and quite interesting, right?

Okay, so put your shades on and get your wine bottle and let us pop it up on how your every day on a cruise ship will sail.

MUSICIAN: Traveling to cruise ship

It all started from the beginning of your application until the day that you received news that you are hired. Now, your journey to the cruise ship will start.

The cruise company will ask about your specific location, as they need to book you for a flight (if needed) and for your hotel and transfers as well. Once you get onboard, expect to wake up in different places or ports.    

Let me give you some places where the ships sail:

Asia, Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, here are some of the places you will expect to visit. You will surely enjoy it if you like to travel! Cruise ship sails around the world on a fixed schedule or specific month. For example, mos of the Mediterranean cruises are during European summer time, so you can expect to sail over there till October and then do a “crossing” to the Caribbean for a few months.

The other life you can live as a musician on a cruise ship

Being a musician on a cruise ship doesn’t mean that your daily life will be just performing at night. It will surely consume you if you just think that you will work there throughout your contract. 

Want to know more? Alright!

At night, let us say that you are a musician. But how about your “day” life? You can be whatever you want and enjoy your life. You can enjoy going off the ship if the ship will stop at the next port. You can even have a short escape and enjoy the place, the beach, food, and people like the local people in that place. 

Isn’t it a perfect experience?

Musician to Musician

If you are a musician and don’t know anyone on a ship. What kind of person you will look at first? Of course, you will look for a musician as well!

Being hired as a musician on a big cruise ship means there are lots of like you hired as well to entertain people. Once you saw them and know them, why don’t you try to ask them for a jam or collab during your free time or even on the stage? This is a great idea, right? Most of them are from different countries, and different cultures, meaning, you can have other ideas or other perspectives when it comes to music. 

Musician on a cruise ship: Rules to keep in mind

Even I mentioned that you can enjoy your life on the cruise after your work. You are still there to work for a job you applied for. You need to keep in your mind that there are still rules that you need to live by.

Read and understand some of the important rules:

1. No fraternizing with guests.

2. No public intoxication.

3. You should be on time for rehearsals & amp; performances.

4. You should be dressed professionally in guest areas.

5. After getting off the ship, you must be back on board at a set time.

Note that you are being monitored by your boss, the cruise ship director, and or the music director.

As a good worker, you need to consider that the guests on the cruise ship paid a specific amount to experience being on a luxury ship. We need to give them the service they really deserve in a professional and cordial demeanor.

As a musician, this will allow you to see the world while doing your music, your passion, or let us simply say that you are doing what you really and being paid for it without being limited by your age, citizenship, nationality, or gender. It really shows that you are living your dream. Be grateful and enjoy the journey.

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