These pointers are your guide for your audition, and this might help you to be ready, prepared, and be able to show what you’ve got.

We all know that being invited for an audition is a great indication that we saw something in you, right? And we want to make sure that you are the one we are looking for by taking a chance to show us your talent. 

Most of our auditions are conducted remotely via Google Meets, usually you’ll receive tracks and charts 30 minutes prior to your live audition. Our agenda for sending it earlier is to give you time or a chance to take a look at it so we can test your sight read and improvisation skills.

So what are the things you will expect?

  1. An email invitation for your audition – this will all starts with an email invitation. The content of the email is the date and time of the audition via zoom, WhatsApp, google meet, or whichever suits both of us. Upon getting a response from your end the next step would be;
  2. Check the place where you will have your audition – this is very important and it needs your attention. Having a good place where you will have your audition can make a huge impact, a place must be somehow soundproof or a good room so that the sound quality is clear. 
  3. Check the equipment you will use for your audition – the gadgets you will use to capture the moment of your audition, like the video camera, phone, mic, and internet connection. Please do remember that your ultimate goal is to have an excellent outcome of your audition, high-quality audio, a very nice shot, and a good connection to video streaming because on our side this will be our basis on how will we rate your performance/audition.
  4. Check your musical instrument, make sure that it’s in good condition and super ready to take the fight, to take your audition.

Key points you need to know during your audition:

  1. Relax – being relaxed all throughout will help you finish the audition well.
  2. Mistakes happen. Nobody ever failed an audition because of a wrong note here or there. If you clam something, forget it and move on. We use a wide range of charts to test a variety of aspects of your playing and will always be considering your overall performance.
  3. Be properly warmed up before the charts arrive, we want to see you at your best.
  4. Don hesitate to ask – if you have a question on your mind, ask us. We are very open to questions. We appreciate questions from musicians and again, we want to help you to show off yourself and get this job.

We do hope that this helps you to understand the things about taking the audition.

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