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Solo Entertainers perform nightly, either vocal or instrumental music,  in a dedicated room or a variety of venues on board. You should have a repertoire of at least 200 songs, covering genres from the 50’s till today. Successful soloists must be comfortable and confident in entertaining a crowd without the help of a backing band.

Piano bar entertainer

Piano bar entertainers put on a show each night, entertaining guests by taking requests until the early hours of the morning. You are truly there to entertain. Sing-a-long styles and guest requests make each performance unique, and an outgoing personality will help to ensure guests follow their favorite performer all cruise long.  Styles range from the 1950’s to current Pop hits and interactive performances include Theme Nights and Name-That-Tune.

Solo guitar / vocals

Guitar soloists bring the best of John Mayer, Jason M Raz,  Neil Young, the Beatles, and then add their twist on classic rock, ‘80’s, R&B, country and pop tunes. Loopers, harmonizers, harmonicas, and other gadgets are all welcome, but no backing tracks allowed. Sing-a-long styles and guest requests make each performance unique, and an outgoing personality will help to ensure guests follow their favorite performer all cruise long. 

Cocktail pianist

Cocktail Pianists that want to become cruise ship musicians should have a large repertoire of songs ranging from Classical tunes to current Pop and Top 40 hits. Performance times and locations on board may include afternoon tea, early evening sail-away, or after dinner background music in a bar or cocktail lounge. The ability to sight read it’s a plus  as the ability to add vocals, however, this is not required.


A good DJ should be able to use various formats including vinyl, CD or MP3, and a range of equipment such as turntables, mixers, microphones and amplifiers. Provide wide range of playlists and music mixes to suit your audience’s taste. Good  knowledge of music trends and be capable of interacting and have a good sense of humor with the public. Sometimes get the crowd involved with the activities and events of the venue.


Vocalists are lead singers fronting bands that perform a wide variety of music, from rock to soul to jazz, and should therefore have a large repertoire of popular songs and a wide knowledge of musical styles. They should have the ability to assimilate a large amount of music in a short amount of time and at least some experience reading music, which is important for learning new songs quickly.

Sax player

Saxophonists are a strong sight-readers, a keen awareness of dynamics and phrasing and intonation. Usually you’ll have to perform in many settings on board including Jazz, Top 40, Guest Entertainer & Musical Theater productions.   Most positions also require the ability to cover Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Flute & Clarinet. While sight-reading is essential, Saxophonists should also have a strong improvisational soloing vocabulary.

Lounge bands

Ensembles/Bands perform nightly around the ship. This broad category includes any musical act on board consisting of two or more people. Such groups should have at least 200 songs, covering a variety of different genres. These positions offer shared cabins, so bring musicians you want to live with!

Jazz ensembles

Duos consist of a pianist and vocalist (although ideal if the pianist also sings) who perform traditional jazz as well as jazzy interpretations of rock and pop tunes. Our trios and quartets are more traditional: for trios, the instrumentation must be keys, bass, and drums, with at least one lead vocalist among the three, and for quartets, usually the addition of a front-woman to the piano-based rhythm section.


Both members should play an instrument and both sing. Instrumentation can vary – keys, bass, guitar, percussion – but both members must provide excellent vocals to the mix. Duos can be acoustic or play along to backing tracks,  have a song list of at least 250+ and be able to take requests and create an engaging atmosphere for every performance.

Latin group

We hire duos, trios and quartets where each member plays an instrument (usually keys, bass, or percussion, although other instruments are welcome), and just as importantly, everyone sings. If you play it all – salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata – sign up and show us what you’ve got!

Party band

Similar to a Wedding Band or Corporate Band on land, a Party Band consists of cruise ship musicians that can bring the party every night. Normally comprised of 4 or 5 members, these bands must have large song lists and it is preferred that multiple, if not all, of the members can add vocals.

Caribbean Ensemble

Including at least one vocalist, Caribbean Ensembles will be comprised of cruise ship musicians performing on the Steel Pan, as well a guitar, bass, keys, or drums. They should be versatile and comfortable performing poolside, at outdoor venues and bars, as well in lounges and cocktail areas.

Clasical ensemble

Classical Ensembles include Duos, Trios & Quartets performing in atriums, lounges and on the main stage. Ensembles must be well versed in Classical, Standards, Show Tunes & Contemporary styles as they set the scene for an elegant unforgettable guest experience.


There is a plenty variety of gigs to apply. You can send us the following promotional material through our contact or directly via email to the office if it’s easier for you. You will need the following items:

Biography, Video Promo & Song List