Entertainment tailored to your venue.

There is only 3 things you need to know about Studio 16:


We only work with the most high level artists.

We have improved our recruitment processes to provide you with the best talent for your venue and your budget.


We are here to reduce workload for our employers.

Our team support and ensures that your entertainment is fully prepared for your venue and gets on board on time.


Active and passive research of new talents.

Efficiency is our word. We have a large team of experts all over the world in continuous research of talents.

Stops chasing talent and let it come to you instead!

We screen, hire and process the best musicians from around the world. Soloists, bands, ensembles and instrumentalists.

Entertainment Recruitment​

Studio 16 has rigorous process of talent recruitment. We have the most innovative process to research, locate and evaluate our artists. We do Face to Face and internet auditions. We operate trough an international network of consultants  worldwide and each have extensive first hand experience of cruise ship life.


Entertainment Management​

Our objective is to simplify the casting process and provide greater peace of mind for your entire entertainment department. Our knowledge of visa procedures and relationships with medical facilities allows us to ready our musicians for a contract with the absolute minimum processing time. Indepth briefings on full job/role descriptions, company profiles and ship life tips.

Talent that fits your brand​

We offer a high quality and flexible tailored service, matched to suit your individual requirements. Do you have a specific needs? We will find the specific artists. We know that not two requirements are the same, each project must be dealt with on an individual basis to ensure all objectives are met and exceeded.  We’re always eager for the opportunity to fill a spot no one else can.


A great experience for your guests​​

As we all know «happy employers-happy costumers», and that’s our top priority. We constantly restructure our search and filtering process for musicians and shape our existing talent. Our artist receive support, feedback,  communication and consistent  motivation, this is reflected in the best performances on stage – and your guests will keep it packed.